Etiam Perire Ruinae

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  1. Etiam Perire Ruinae And then rain fell down from the sky Like a painful wall of tears which Took away the joy of life from Every creation with its nostalgia Then wolf cried standing Lonely on the top of his dreams And his tear, like a beautiful winged crystal, At last to disappear in the embrace Of silent infinity.
  2. Lyrics, translations and video clips are inserted by registred users. Online users (0) Asgaard lyrics. 1. Quem Di Diligunt, Adulesc.. 2.
  3. Design and layout by toubackcoworquowicoratervidoho.coinfo Photos by Wojciech Małek. Logo by Lucipherus Reissued in Russia by Irond Records (cat. # IROND CD ) under the license from Metal Mind Productions. Recording information.
  4. quinta europe tabula retia, vindelicia, norica, pannonia superior et inferior, illiridis vel liburnia, dalmatia.
  5. Etiam Perire Ruinae Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum () Sadness Of Stony Angel (Imm Ensum Reliquus Tollor In Aethera).
  6. Etiam Perire Ruinae. Eyes ov Thy Soul. Haben Sua Fate Imagines. I Am The Ecstasy. I've Brought a Flower for You For Us (Moriar Sic Astra Volunt) In Articulo Mortis. Infernal Mask Ceremony. Legend Of Passing. Let Me Die (Funeris Audit Supremum Vale) Lunatic Asylum. Manibus Date Lilia Plenis.
  7. enim, verum−i, vere, quin etiam, enim: in fact: est ars etiam male dicendi: there is even an art of maligning: est etiam miseris pietas, et in hoste probatur: regard for the wretched is a duty, and deserving of praise even in an enemy (Ovid) est etiam quiete et pure et eleganter actæ ætatis placida ac lenis senectus.

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