The Who - Tommy (Reel-To-Reel, Album)

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  1. May 22,  · Album: Tommy (Soundtrack) LPs (vinyl) Sampled: UK (Polydor), USA (Polydor) CDs (original mastering) Sampled: USA (Polydor), Germany (Polydor), Japan (Polydor) CDs (1st remaster - ) Sampled: USA (Polydor), Japan (Polydor), UK (Polydor) LP Comments: Both UK and USA copies sound equally as good. CD (original mastering) comments: The Japan copy was released before the .
  2. Tommy Original Soundtrack Recording The Who Elton John Eric Clapton Reel To Reel Tommy Original Soundtrack Recording Featuring The Who, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Tina Turner And Many More Polydor 1R2 Double Play 3 3/4 IPS.
  3. May 21,  · He cued up his reel-to-reel copy of The Who's album and explained that the Tommy movie was based on this album, by the rock band The Who, and that the album came out 6 years before the movie. He then told me that, after I had put his child to bed, I should come back downstairs, push play, and listen.
  4. Experience Vintage Sound With the Reel-to-Reel Tape Collection. Reel-to-reel tape recorders and players dominated the recording industry from the s through the s; the wider tape of the reel-to-reel recorder allowed for multi-track recording, which in turn led to new innovations in music styles and recording quality.
  5. The Who‘s Tommy has been reissued in the past, but now the concept album has been updated to a deluxe edition, mastered by Kevin Gray, pressed at Quality Record Pressings, and presented in its original LP configuration.
  6. It follows the release of Lee's solo album Vindicator in and two different Love albums that had been recorded but never released. Reel to Real featured the same musicians that played on the unreleased Black Beauty and was originally intended as part of a two .
  7. A good radio broadcast of The Who performing Tommy plus a few extra tracks. At first I doubted it was a live recording due to sound quality being so good and so little audience noise but as we had spoken introductions to some of the songs it is definitely a live recording. This has the group at their best blasting through the album/5(49).
  8. Mar 30,  · My Dad had The Story Of The Who and the Quadrophenia album, and then I got The Singles compilation and Tommy and off I went! These days my favourite era is to studio-wise, although for live stuff I like them from the beginning up to about

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