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  1. Definition of alright: all right If people stay strong and keep pushing we'll be alright. — Keith Ellison Alright, I give in. — Sallie Tisdale Alright already, get in the squad car and solve the darn crime. — Ken Tucker It's cheap, alright.
  2. It is by far the more common styling in published, edited text. But alright does have its defenders, and instances of alright abound in informal writing. And what's not to like, really? It's an efficient little version, and it looks right at home with a bunch of other common .
  3. Oh, It's alright, oh. Oh hey, I had a night I had a day. I did one million stupid things I said one billion foolish things I'm not okay, I got a baseball bat beside my bed To fight off what's inside my head The fight off what's behind my meds I'm lonely; lost in pain. It's alright, it's okay, it's alright, it's okay You're not a monster, just a.
  4. We’re all dying, but it’s alright. That was the refrain in Michael Ventura’s classic s essay, “Report from El Dorado,” where he brilliantly outlined American media’s schizophrenic character.   As Ventura puts it: Media keeps saying, “It’s all right” while being fixated upon the violent, the chaotic, and the terrifying.
  5. It's All Right Lyrics: Say it's all right (It's all right) / Say it's all right (It's all right) / It's all right, have a good time / 'Cause it's all right, whoa, it's all right / We're gonna move it.
  6. May 20,  · Music video by The Traveling Wilburys performing End Of The Line. (C) T. Wilbury Limited. Exclusively Licensed to Concord Music Group, .
  7. May 01,  · It's alright, it's alright [Verse 2] You just in need of a classic (Of a classic, yeah) You gotta mix with a savage (With a savage, yeah) Get you a girl with a habit (Oh, oh, oh).
  8. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Lyrics: Darkness at the break of noon / Shadows even the silver spoon / The handmade blade, the child's balloon / Eclipses both the sun and moon / To.

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